Preschool haircut craft

It’s hard for me to walk into a store this time of year and not get caught up in all the back-to-school excitement. I always loved shopping for school and the new beginnings that came with fall. Mr. Boy will not be going to school this year, but he loves to learn. I recently picked up this cute pair of scissors for him so he could learn to cut paper.

I had never seen scissors like this before, though I’m sure they’ve been around for a while. The handles are attached together at the end so they are less unweildy and he only needs to squeeze them together-they automatically spring back apart. I’m not sure whether these will teach him proper scissor skills, but for now he is enjoying clipping tiny pieces of paper to litter the living room with.

I came up with this fun craft idea to lend a sense of purpose to his snipping:

I started by tracing circles onto pieces of cardstock, then let Mr. Boy decorate the faces himself.

Next, I glued shredded packing material and strips of newspaper to the people in order to create funky hair desperately in need of a trim.

After the glue dried, Mr. Boy set to work giving them haircuts. He really enjoys having a “job” to do with his new scissors!

Yes, it makes a little bit of mess, but nothing the vacuum cleaner can’t handle.

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