My oldest son is in kindergarten this year, and it’s been a lot of fun for both of us. Today he would have been celebrating Valentine’s Day with his classmates, if we hadn’t had a snow day! Now it will have to wait until after mid-winter recess. In any case, we spent some time making […]
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There are lots of interesting events to watch when the Olympics roll around, but we could always do with more. What do you get when you combine speed skating and the long jump? Well, just watch… Something about the fast playback of old films makes them extra funny. I died at the shot of the […]
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You might have heard recently that Amazon is looking into the possibility of using delivery drones to send orders to homes. Sounds kind of fun, but it’s easy to think of a number of ways it could go wrong. This one hadn’t occurred to me, though: Doesn’t it look like a flying barbecue grill? Thanks […]
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