Walmart refusing internet coupons for Alcon products

Although Walmart stores do accept internet coupons (see here), my local store is refusing internet coupons from Alcon Laboratories. I sent my husband out with a $1.00 off coupon for the Opti-Free contact solution he uses (a mainstay on, but he was turned down. I’ve had Walmart cashiers look incredulously at my internet coupons in the past, so I thought they had wrongfully refused the coupon. But after talking to Customer Service, I got the low-down. Apparently they do not get reimbursed when they send these coupons in, due to the number of “fraudulent” coupons associated with the company. If the fine print on your coupon includes “Fawcett Drive, Del Rio, TX”, Walmart will not accept it. I am not sure whether this is company-wide, or just a local policy.

I don’t really understand why fraudulent coupons would be such a problem, when this company has legally available coupons almost constantly on, but at least there was some reason behind the refusal. It sounds like one of the companies involved is not taking the time to authenticate valid coupons. I am fairly certain though that I could use this coupon elsewhere without incident, and I plan to try just that. Thanks, once again, to the fraudulent individuals who ruin the game for honest people.

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