Quick Tip: How to open a stuck jar lid

I was feeling pleased with myself because I had started making dinner at 4 p.m. and I was on track to have it out of the oven just in time for my husband’s arrival home. But then, a little jar of peppers threatened to derail my success; the lid wouldn’t budge!

I am not very physically strong, and jar tops have regularly presented a challenge for as long as I’ve been cooking. Thank goodness for my husband, who usually comes to the rescue…except when he’s not home. What to do?

I tried the usual: wrapping in a towel for a better grip, running under hot water, turning upside down. Finally, I stumbled on an idea I wish I had known years ago: use a bottle opener (also known as a can tapper) to open a stuck jar lid!

Use a bottle opener to open a stuck jar

I gently bent away the edges in a few places (the end with the point fit best) until I heard that glorious “pop” sound meaning the vacuum seal was broken. From there I was able to twist and remove the lid quite easily.

Use a bottle opener to pry open a stuck jar top

I may never wrestle with a jar lid again!


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