A couple of weeks ago I was very excited to receive an invitation to my first “Mommy Blogger” conference.  It wasn’t going to be a huge event, but it sounded like a great opportunity to meet other moms in my area who do the same thing I do–I don’t know of any!  However, it would mean half a day away from home, with an almost two hour drive each way.  The only person other than my husband who I trust with my 1 1/2 year old son (his Grandma) would not be available to watch him.  I knew it was a longshot, but I wrote to the organizing PR firm to ask if it was possible to bring my toddler along with me.  He is very well behaved in public, and I figured that if worse came to worse I could at least meet some other moms even if I had to sit out many of the activities.  But alas, I received a reply saying that my son could not be accommodated at the event, and I had to decline the invitation.

I was disappointed, but not angry.  It was a privilege to be invited, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to make special arrangements just for me.  Still, it weighed on my mind for a while and got me thinking about what it means to be a so-called Mommy Blogger.  Do I really want to become so wrapped up in the business of mommy blogging that I have to increasingly cast aside the role that has earned me these opportunities in the first place?  Well, no.

Almost two years ago I left my career behind and never looked back.  I sacrificed a very nice salary, accolades for high-profile work, high heels, and great friends who were my own age.  I did it because, even though I knew it would be difficult, I had an opportunity to be my child’s mommy 24/7 and I was going to take it.  And you know what?  He was worth that sacrifice and more!

I created my website a few months later hoping to make a little bit of money to help my family along, to give myself a creative outlet for some of my unused talents, and to share what I was learning along the way, just in case other mommies wanted to know how to live the same lifestyle.  I had never visited a “mommy blog” and had no idea that bloggers like me went to conferences or received freebies from companies.  I was fascinated when I learned just how influential the Mommy Blogger set really is!

But I also realized what my priorities are.  I am a mommy with a blog, not a blogger with a kid.  I cheapen that original sacrifice I made for my son if my website becomes another career that makes me unavailable to him.  Do I want to have a wildly successful website and to work with great companies?  Of course!  But I realize that success may not come at this time in my life.  You see, I won’t tweet or blog my way through the day while my little boy plays by himself.  I won’t nurture an online “family” numbering in the thousands at the expense of my actual family.  And I won’t go to “mommy” events that require me to hire a substitute mommy in order to attend.

Maybe I’m not the type of mommy that big companies like to have, but I know I’m the type of mommy I want my son to have.

To my friends and readers who value what I have to say when time allows, thank you!

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