Price Chopper responds to paper coupon error

I was very happy to receive a reply from Heidi at Price Chopper regarding last night’s diaper debacle. I wanted to write a separate post because I believe in giving a company credit for great customer service. Here’s Heidi’s response:

As a avid follower of your blog and a Price Chopper associate, I was saddened to read this recent post. We have looked into the situation you describe and we believe you experienced a cashier error with regard to your diaper coupon. It clearly states that diaper coupons are included and we would like to follow up with the store that you shopped.

If you could provide us with the store by contacting our Consumer Services department at 1-800-666-7667 Option #3 or online at, we will make good on your coupon issue.

Thanks for shopping with Price Chopper, we appreciate your business and your feedback.

Heidi Reale
Manager of Consumer Research

Thank you, Heidi! I appreciate when a business pays attention to its customers and tries to make good on mistakes. I am also very happy that this is a mistake, because I know lots of moms would love to take advantage of this deal and stock up!

I try not to be “one of those people” who gets upset about the littlest coupon errors, but the reality is, that extra $2.50 could buy my family a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, etc. That’s why I take the time to clip coupons. It all adds up. I’m not trying to take advantage of the store or make them lose money, I am just trying to provide for my family and stretch our income as far as possible.

So, in short, don’t let my unpleasant experience deter you. Your Price Chopper store is supposed to honor your coupons, and if they don’t you can use the contact information Heidi provided. Enjoy!

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