UPDATED: Praying for Aedan

UPDATE 7/26/2010: Little munchkin is FINALLY home! He is still not tolerating feeds very well, but it may just take some time. We are all so grateful that he is going to be OK.

UPDATE 7/24/2010: Aedan’s fever finally broke this morning! He is having trouble keeping Pedialyte and formula down, which is preventing him from being released. He may have a shot at going home tomorrow if he can keep something down. He was a very little guy to begin with, so it’s important that he gets the nourishment he needs. My sister said he has lost a whole pound since being hospitalized. I can only imagine what having a high-grade fever for four days and being pumped full of meds did to his little body, but he is a fighter and I know he will bounce back to normal soon. This has been such a scary experience for everyone involved, and I am so happy and relieved that he is showing improvement!

My six month old nephew, Aedan, has been hospitalized since Wednesday night, and I am trying to get as many people as possible praying for him.

Last Friday he woke up with a fever, but it broke during the day and he seemed fine. By Tuesday the fever had come back and it was much higher, reaching 104.4. My sister couldn’t get it to break, so she brought him into an urgent care center that night. They immediately transferred him to the children’s hospital. My sister and brother-in-law were there waiting for several hours and my nephew received NO TREATMENT the entire time. The hospital was too busy to pay attention to a very ill six month old. I am still livid about that, but it’s water over the dam now.

They brought him back home to wait until his pediatrician’s emergency center opened early in the morning. There he received fluids and some testing, and the doctor recommended home treatment for the rest of the day.  The fever did not go down at all, so Wednesday evening they brought him back to the hospital. This time my nephew received care, but due to the overcrowding it was a while before he could be placed in a room. In addition to running a high fever, he was severely dehydrated. The medications worked initially to keep the fever down, but today it went back up to 104. As of this afternoon he is in the PICU. Doctors performed two spinal taps in an effort to find the cause of the fever, which is so far eluding them.

Aedan is hanging in there, and his parents say he is getting excellent care, but it is understandably a very scary situation for them. And for me. I am trying to stay strong, but he is so little and I can’t be there with him, and I don’t understand the medical stuff. I am hoping that this is simply a virus that needs to run its course, and we will hear some good news soon.

Please pray for my little nephew Aedan’s recovery.

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