I enjoyed the Mexico-themed clothing that Tea Collection put out last fall, and was eager to see what their next collection would entail. As you may remember, Tea plans each clothing collection around a specific destination that the designers have researched and immersed themselves in. The theme for Spring 2012 is Bali, and I was […]
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When I first started to hear about J.C. Penney’s new advertising strategy that ditches frequent sales in favor of lower regular prices, my knee-jerk reaction was “oh, brother”. I guess it’s the way that people were describing the new approach that inspired my cynicism; shoppers saw it as a kind of “perpetual sale”, where everything […]
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I know a few people who like to rearrange their furniture regularly just to change things up. I’m more set in my ways, and usually like to layout my rooms only once, unless circumstances change or something about the layout is annoying me. As I was working through week three of the organization challenge I’ve […]
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