Friday Funny: My Funny Valentine

My oldest son is in kindergarten this year, and it’s been a lot of fun for both of us. Today he would have been celebrating Valentine’s Day with his classmates, if we hadn’t had a snow day! Now it will have to wait until after mid-winter recess.

In any case, we spent some time making homemade Valentine’s cards together this past week. I used this great arrow Valentine’s card printable along with two 12-packs of Valentine’s pencils that I bought for $1 each at the dollar store. Talk about inexpensive! I thought arrows were a great idea for a boy, and also referenced his Robin Hood Halloween costume from earlier this year.

My son loves to write, so I thought it would be nice for him to write a little note to each kid instead of just filling in the names. He had to make 19 cards, and I felt like we were going to be at the dining room table forever! Many of his messages were nice sentiments like “I love playing with you” or “You are my best friend”, but some of his ideas were hilarious, like this one for his friend William:

Kindergarten Valentine's card

“I like that you buy hot lunch.”

There was also this little exchange:

Son: “Can I write a question?”

Mommy: “No. Well…uh…like what kind of question?”

Son: “Does your mommy live in another state?”

Needless to say, that one didn’t make the cut.

I’m sure his teacher will melt like I did when she sees “I love to be teachd.” in the card he made for her.

Bonus Funny

In other news, my son’s school will be having a project fair this spring, and I was happy to learn that kindergartners can participate — I thought it would be a great opportunity for him to learn how to spend time researching a specific subject, using the library to find books, taking notes and more.

He decided on “The Ocean” for a topic, and we have been learning about various sea creatures that he will draw and then glue to an ocean backdrop he painted. I reminded him to look for a book about the ocean during library class this week. When I picked him up from school yesterday, he was so pleased and excited because “Mommy, I found a book about the ocean!”

“Oh, did your teacher help you pick one?” I asked.

“No, I found it myself!”

Disasters at Sea book

“The ocean is dangerous!” he said.

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