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When I gave a host of reasons back in October explaining why my posts have been sparse, there was another very big reason that I was keeping secret at the time. But now I’m ready to share the news: I’m pregnant with baby number two!

My husband and I found out a week or two before we made our big house move, which of course made things even more interesting. I was fighting through exhaustion as we packed and moved boxes and furniture, and all the “old house smells” that came with our new abode sent me reeling.

I spent the first few months counting down to the end of the first trimester when I hoped the nausea, exhaustion, lack of motivation, and general all around “blah” feeling would finally take a hike. Now at 18 weeks I’m feeling significantly better, but still not at the top of my game, which is frustrating. A lot of the discomforts I thought would come later have started much earlier than last time.

In any case, I don’t want to sound like I’m only complaining. Our family is very excited to be welcoming a new member, after we had just about resigned ourselves to the idea that Mr. Boy might be an only child. I’m looking forward to the challenge of finding bargains on a few things that we will need for the baby, and of course decorating another nursery! As much as I loved the Beatrix Potter theme we did at our old house, I’m itching to try a new idea here.

Our home continues to keep us busy as well. I finally realized my dream of having a first floor laundry area (in our kitchen). We purchased a front loading washer and dryer set and my dad painstakingly did the wiring and plumbing for us.


We also recently conquered an unexpected wiring project after discovering that our double wall oven was installed by an imbecile who apparently ignored the instructions, resulting in a tripped breaker, junction boxes with melted electrical tape, one charred wall, and interior oven parts that had welded themselves where they shouldn’t have. We’re grateful that the circuit breaker did its job better than both the person who installed the oven, and the home inspector we spent $400 on.

I still love the house, though. Little by little I’m unpacking the few boxes that were left in corners, and decorating rooms more to my liking. We’re all ready and excited for our first Christmas in our new home!


I’m not sure what all this will mean for my website. I am definitely not giving it up because I’m proud of my work, and I really enjoy writing and sharing ideas. However, my energy is at a minimum right now, and if I have a spare moment I like to use it to rest. I will probably write new posts in the coming months, but I’m not sure how much or how often that will be. I’m sure you all understand, and I appreciate your support through the years.

If I don’t post again before then, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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