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I’ve used online registries and wishlists in the past, but their limitations have always been frustrating.  I was limited to a few stores that carried the products I wanted, and that the people shopping for me would actually be able to visit.  And of course there would always be the odd item that was sold by a website that doesn’t offer regristries.

Although there are a few websites offering internet wishlists, I recently found one that I love: Wishpot.  Wisphpot is extremely user-friendly and loaded with helpful features.  It is an incredibly useful tool that does most of the work for you.  Wishpot can be used for a variety of purposes, from wedding and baby registries, to wishlists, or simply to keep track of products you like or would recommend to a friend.  Best of all, it is not limited to any particular website – the sky is the limit.

You can skip the sign-up process altogether by connecting through your Facebook account.  Once you’re in, I highly recommend installing the “Add to Wishpot” browser button located in “Tools”.  This installs a button in your browser that you can click when you find a product page that you’re interested in.  The tool automatically fetches the relevant data including product name, image and price, and allows you to choose the specific wish list, add comments, and tag the item.  You can even prioritize products according to how much you want or need them.

You can create as many lists as you would like.  I created a list for myself, my baby boy and for our household.  If you accidentally add a product to the wrong list, you can easily move it to a different list with a couple of clicks.  There are a variety of privacy levels and methods for sharing your lists, including handy widgets.  Your shipping address is optional and is viewable only by Wishpot friends or those who you share your list with.  Family and friends are able to purchase the item from your list, and a link to “compare prices” is provided so you don’t have to scout out the best deal for them (always a concern for me).  If someone is shopping for you in a store, they can mark the item as “reserved” on your list to ensure that duplicates are not purchased.

Another feature I appreciate is the “contribute” button.  For big ticket items that people are unlikely to purchase, you can link your PayPal account and they can contribute toward the cost instead.  It’s a great way for people to feel like they are helping you purchase an important item that you need but that one person alone can’t afford.

If you haven’t already, head on over to Wishpot and see how easy and fun it is!  I really enjoy this site because it makes both wishing and gift-giving easy!

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