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There is a lot to love about old houses. Often they were built from top-quality materials that would cost a fortune today. They might come with attractive details such as beautiful wood molding, hardwood floors and leaded glass windows. And compared to newer construction, buying a fixer-upper old house can give you a lot of […]
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Two years ago I was browsing Pinterest and found an amazing looking cake called Orange Crunch Cake. I pinned the recipe to my expansive “Treats” board and then tried to find a good excuse, and the opportunity, to make it. As my husband’s birthday approached this year, I remembered the recipe and thought it would be […]
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One of the problems with becoming financially literate, living a frugal lifestyle, getting out of debt and working toward financial independence is that it doesn’t always feel fun. My husband and I used to feel cash-strapped because we really were. We literally did not have any extra money. We were spending more than we earned […]
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